Writer Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Writer Duties

A writer’s job is simply to write – but what to write and how to write it will depend on what the client’s need and require. The writer needs to write on specific subject matter professionally. At times he may be required to do some research and investigation in order to come up with ideas to write about. The writer may work as a freelancer or someone employed by the company to do some writing for them.

Writer Duties

  • Conducting interview either face to face or through phone to gather information needed.
  • Submitting written articles or stories on or before the given deadline.
  • Encouraging others to make critical feedback needed to improve the writings.
  • Coordinating with the editor to know what articles or ideas to be write.
  • Has the right attitude of willingness in the different views such as television, books and radio.
  • Attending seminars that matters on in writing and have an active participation on it.
  • Have self discipline and know its time management.
  • Give informative story line and other important data that matters a lot to the needs of the many.

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