Wildlife Biologist Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Wildlife Biologists Job Duties include conducting research on the origin of animals and their life stages. Some of them even work as teachers. Candidates seeking this position must possess a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology. For a senior Wildlife Biologist position one may require advance degree and experience in this field.

Wildlife Biologist Job Duties

  • Wildlife Biologists study about the animals habitats; they examine the environmental and industrial effects on the animals
  • They figure out the population of plants and wildlife
  • They find out about the different characteristics of the animals to classify them
  • They plan the wildlife population and habitat
  • Wildlife Biologists prepare reports on wildlife population and share them. They share this information by way of journal articles and scientific papers
  • They also share knowledge about wildlife by going to seminars conducted for this subject, going to schools, colleges, etc
  • Wildlife Biologists study about the origin, interrelationships, diseases, and genetics of the animals
  • They carry out administrative tasks such as public relations, budgeting fundraising, etc
  • Wildlife Biologists see if the zoo animals are being taken care of.
  • They work with the zoo directors in order to find out the best possible way in which the animals can be kept and the way in which their habitats can be maintained.
  • They ensure that measures are taken to prevent the outbreak of wildlife diseases
  • They carry out experiments with the preserved wildlife specimens to explore new aspects of wildlife
  • Wildlife Biologists raise the specimens for the purpose of conducting study
  • They collect the animal specimen, dissect and examine them

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