What are the job duties of an Elementary Teacher

By | December 7, 2012

Elementary School Teacher is required to teach different subjects to the students depending upon their specialization. There are a number of other job duties that an elementary teacher is required to handle such as preparing lesson plans for the students, setting examination papers, taking classroom sessions, encouraging the students to take part in extracurricular activities, encouraging students to study properly by giving special attention to them, checking the examination papers and grading the students accordingly. It is also the duty of the elementary teacher to maintain discipline amongst the students and inculcate good mannerisms in them.

It is essential to attain a degree in the subject that the elementary teacher intends to teach. One must also acquire a bachelor’s degree in education in order to teach the subject. Many elementary schools seek teachers who have prior work experience in this field as it is believed that those having some related work experience can handle the assigned job duties more efficiently. Few of the job duties handled by elementary teachers are below in detail.

Preparing lesson plans: Elementary school teachers are required to prepare appropriate lesson plans for the students. These teachers are required to conduct extensive studies before preparing the lesson plans so that nothing gets missed out.

Maintaining Discipline: It is essential to maintain discipline amongst the students. Elementary teachers are required to ensure that the students follow all the rules and regulations set by the school authorities and stay in discipline.

Setting test papers: Elementary school teacher is required to set the test papers in order to test the knowledge of the students. These are designed to figure out as to how well the students are able to grasp the lessons taught in the class.

Grading the students: Elementary school teachers are required to check the answer sheets and grade the students accordingly.

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