What are the Job Duties of a Substitute Teacher

By | December 27, 2012

Substitute teacher is required to handle a number of job duties. Basically these job duties include all those tasks assigned to the regular teacher whom she is substituting. Substitute teachers are usually specialized in a particular subject and teach the same to the students. Those teaching primary students may teach more than one subject.

It is essential to have a bachelor’s degree in the subject he intends to teach and also a bachelor’s in education. Few of the job duties assigned to a substitute teacher are mentioned below in detail.

Take Classroom sessions: Substitute teacher is required to take classroom sessions in the absence of the regular teacher. They need to ensure that the students are taught the lessons properly and that the discipline is maintained during these sessions.

Prepare study material: Substitute teacher is required to go through the lessons thoroughly and prepare study material for the students in the absence of the regular teacher. They need to ensure that the study material prepared is easy for the students to understand. The study material should cover all the important points of the lessons included in the course.

Set Test Papers: These teachers are required to prepare test papers for the students while the regular teacher is not available. They need to include a mix of easy and difficult questions, long and short questions and also objective type questions in the paper in order to judge the students’ knowledge on various parameters.

Check the Test Papers: In the absence of the regular teacher the substitute teachers are required to check the answer sheets submitted by the students. They are required to grade the students on based on their performance in the tests. These teachers are also required to announce the result and share the ways in which the students can improve their performance.

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