What are Medical Assistant Job Duties

By | December 29, 2012

Medical assistants basically work under the guidance of doctors and other senior medical staff members. These professionals need to assist the medical practitioners in performing several tasks such as maintaining the medical records of the patients, providing information related to the medical treatment to the patients, providing appointments to the patients, helping the patients in recovering soon, etc.

Candidate aspiring to get into the position of a medical assistant should be well versed with the medical terminology and medical practices. The candidate must also have good communication and listening skills and the ability to follow the instructions given by his seniors.

Few of the job duties handled by the medical assistants are mentioned below in detail:

Fix appointments: Medical Assistant is required to speak with the patients or their relatives and fix up their appointment with the doctor. Medical assistant is required to have knowledge about the availability of the doctor or inquire the same from the doctor before giving appointment to the patients.

Follow the instructions: Medical Assistant is required to help the doctors and other medical practitioners in carrying out a number of tasks. They need to follow the instructions given by the doctors and perform the assigned tasks under the guidance and supervision of these medical practitioners.

Complete initial formalities: Medical Assistant needs to help the patients with filling the forms and completing other initial formalities at the time of admitting them in the hospital or nursing home.

Maintain record: Medical Assistant is required to maintain a record of the patients who come for treatment to the hospital or nursing home they are working with. They need to prepare patient’s files and update them from time to time as per the patient’s progress. They also need to find out the patient’s medical history and record it in the file prepared.

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