What are Job Duties of a Teacher

By | October 31, 2012

The job of a teacher is that of great responsibility as he/she needs to educate the youth to become better human beings. Teachers are mostly employed at schools or may even work at other educational institutes. There are different subjects that a teacher may specialize in depending upon her choice.

A graduate degree specializing in a particular subject and also a degree that allows taking up teaching as a profession is required to become a teacher. In order to teach higher classes one is also required to attain a post graduation degree in the subject he/she intends to teach.

Teachers are assigned a number of job duties. Few of these duties are mentioned below in detail:

  • Prepare Lessons: Teachers are required to prepare lessons for the students and deliver them during the classroom sessions. They need to explain the lessons in detail and ensure that each student present in the class is able to understand the lesson well. He/ She should try and make the class room sessions more interactive and clarify the students doubts related to the subject.
  • Maintain Discipline: It is the duty of the teachers to maintain decorum in the classroom as well as other places in the school premises such as the play ground, activity room, assembly hall, laboratories, etc. Teachers must inspire the students to become disciplined.
  • Motivate the students: Teachers must motivate the students to study properly and perform well in the examination. They may give motivational lectures to the students from time to time to encourage them to work hard.
  • Conduct Examination: Teachers are required to prepare examination papers and conduct examination. They also need to check the examination papers and grade the students accordingly.
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Teachers should not only ask the students to study their subjects thoroughly but also encourage them to take part in extra curricular activities.

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