What are Job Duties of a Sales Associate

By | October 6, 2012

A sales associate is required to carry out a number of tasks including keeping up to date information about the products and services being offered by his company, fixing up meetings with the clients, convincing them to purchase the company’s products, guiding the customers on filling up the purchase orders or forms and ensuring that the customers make the complete payment before the product is delivered to them.

In order to become a sales associate one is required to have good communication and inter-personal skills and the ability to convince others. In addition to this a good sales associate must have complete information about the products and services being offered by the company.

Though one does not require any particular educational qualification in order to become a sales associate but in order to get into higher positions in this department such as sales manager, supervisor, etc one needs to have a degree in business administration specializing in the field of sales and marketing.

Sales associates are employed in different sectors. Though the job duties of the sales associates are more or less the same, some may be required to go out in the field for selling or promoting their products while other may be required to sell products to the customers walking in at their company office/ showrooms or retail outlets. Some of the job duties of sales associate are mentioned below:

  • Sales Associate is required to meet the customers and provide them complete information about the products and services being offered by their company. These professionals need to clarify the customers’ apprehensions regarding the company’s products and services and convince him to purchase the same.
  • Sales Associate needs to stay updated with the latest schemes and offers being offered by the company and provide information about the same to the clients.
  • Sales Associate needs to explain the payment procedure to the clients.

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