What are Correctional Officer Job Duties

By | December 22, 2012

Correctional Officer is required to guide and counsel those who have been sentenced to imprisonment or are sent to reformatory institution or correction homes for any kind of illegal offense made by them. They also need to ensure security in the jail or correctional facilities and handle a number of other tasks.

Those aspiring to get into the position of a correctional officer should have a high school diploma along with an experience of two years in military services or should attend a related training program. The candidate must also be physically fit and should have the ability to motivate and lead people.

Below mentioned are the details of few of the tasks that a correctional officer is required to handle:

  • First of all, a correctional officer needs to speak to the inmates, understand their psychology and build a rapport with them. Unless he builds a rapport he would not be able to supervise and guide the inmates well.
  • A correctional officer is required to provide regular motivational and inspirational lectures in order to change the disruptive thought process of these individuals. However, he is also required to understand that each individual is unique and has a different way of thinking. Thus, apart from the group lectures he needs to give special attention to each of these inmates and counsel them on a one to one basis.
  • Correctional officer needs to ensure that the energy of these inmates is directed towards performing constructive work. He needs to understand the interest of each of these inmates and involve them in similar activities. He needs to generate the interest of the inmates in more constructive tasks by using different means and watch their behavioral changes.

The main aim of the correctional officer is to transform these inmates into better human beings so that they lead a good life and do not cause any harm to the society once they are out from the prison or correctional facilities.

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