Wedding Singer Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Wedding Singer Duties

The wedding singer is the one who adds romance and glamour to the wedding by rendering romantic songs usually picked by the couple themselves. He provides the entertainment part of the wedding by the careful selection of songs that will further make the wedding more pleasant and more delightful, and so as not to bore the guests while waiting for the long ceremony of exchanging vow in the church and the ceremony and picture sessions and eating during the reception.

Wedding Singers Job Duties

  • Communicate with the bride and groom to know what songs they want to hear in their wedding ceremony.
  • Suggest and recommend good love songs to the couples that they can use to the wedding.
  • Practice and rehearsing singing the songs the bride and groom chose to hear in their wedding day.
  • Come ahead of time on the wedding place to have more time finalizing the performance.
  • Come in the wedding rehearsals on time.
  • Rehearse with the musicians to eventually perform in front of the crowd and come up with the good results.
  • Spent time rehearsing the theme song of the wedding.
  • Interpret the wedding songs accurately and with style.

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