Wedding Planner Job Duties

By | March 20, 2014

Wedding planner is the one who helps the couple plan their wedding the way they want. They are generally involved in the entire process of planning and organising a wedding but sometimes they are just required by the people to make arrangements for only some ceremonies of the entire wedding process.

Some of the major wedding planner job duties are mentioned below:

Wedding Planner Job Duties

  • To meet the couples and gather information related to the couple’s expectations from the planner.
  • To discuss with the couples about their budget and any special arrangement to be made.
  • To come up with innovative ideas and themes as per the couple’s requirements.
  • To communicate with other service providers included like florist, caterer, photographer and venue in-charge, and take best deals with them.
  • To prepare proposal and quotation for work keeping in mind the budget and specifications of the party.
  • To constantly supervise the wedding process and ensure that everything is being done in proper and planned manner.
  • To make sure that couples are always updated with the progress of the entire process.
  • To keep checks on the spending to ensure that cost does not exceed the decided budget.
  • To be in regular contact with various vendors involved and ensure that their services will be delivered on-time.
  • To maintain a guest list and book accommodation for out-of town guests.
  • To help the wedding party in the gifts selection process.
  • To look after all the facets of the setup and ensure that various elements of the wedding takes place at right time.
  • To do last-minute adjustments if required.
  • To direct and monitor the moving parts of the wedding ceremony.
  • To keep checking for new products and services and be updated with the recent techniques and processes.
  • To keep updating self’s website and other social media with the recent works being undertaken.

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