Wedding Coordinator Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Wedding Coordinator Duties

The work begins from the planning and preparation of the wedding, to the wedding itself and even after the wedding. He prepares and coordinates everything from the bridal entourage and their garments, the guest lists, the reservations and bookings among other things. It is the wedding coordinator who makes sure that the wedding will go as planned – perfect and great.

Wedding Coordinator Job Duties

  • Assist in budgeting everything yet the beauty of the ceremony does not suffer.
  • Assist the bride and the groom to conceptualize idea like the theme, music and the venue.
  • Coordinate rehearsals by working with the client for their request.
  • Remind all the bridal entourage of all the necessary instructions and rehearsal for the ceremony.
  • Scatter rose petals down the aisle where the bride will walk.
  • Ensure all the wedding elements is ready before the start of the Ceremony.
  • Place reserve sitting signs on the appropriate rows
  • Set up the table with the flower arrangement and placement of the item to be used like guest book, pen, program, etc.
  • Coordinate the ceremony by lining up the bridal party, cuing music when the bride walks down the aisle.
  • Ensure that the wedding ceremony will flow smoothly.

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