Wedding consultant Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

A wedding consultant is a person who helps people in planning their wedding. They are expected to manage various wedding arrangements and provide the best possible food, decoration, outfits, etc as per the budget set by their clients. They need to understand their clients’ requirements and plan everything accordingly. Most wedding consultants own their own wedding consultant agencies.

Wedding consultant Job Duties

  • The wedding consultant seeks out the possible customers by reading on the announcements of engagements in the newspapers and may also work with the church and consult for those church members on their wedding.
  • He contacts the engaged couple and offer them the services.
  • The wedding consultant gives advice on the different options of outfits for the bride and the attendants.
  • He gives suggestion on the colors, the fabrics and the styles for the dresses and helps choose the right suits for the groom and the male members of the wedding.
  • He also helps the bride select her wardrobe and help with her fittings for these clothes and also gives suggestions for the honeymoon.
  • A wedding consultant may help to prepare a budget for a wedding and assists the bride and groom even as they pick out their other items for their home.
  • The wedding consultant helps the couple to find out an appropriate venue for the wedding.
  • The consultant makes all the arrangements for the wedding including food, decoration, ceremonies and others.
  • The wedding consultant makes sure that invitations are printed as well as distributed to all the guests. He also makes arrangements for the guests.

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