Web Marketing Analyst Job Duties

By | September 20, 2013

A web marketing analyst’s chief responsibility is to collect and interpret data during the planning stage of online marketing campaigns, much like a marketing analyst in any other field. With more and more companies starting to expand their marketing paradigm over to the web and beyond, web marketing analysts has become a key element for any business/organization for his research abilities.

He has to research and collect data about new customer segments, assesses their behavior and chalks out marketing strategies specific to each segment. An aspiring web marketing analysts would need to learn web marketing job duties through a vocational course. In addition to that, he would also need to be aware of the mechanics of web servers like content management software and SQL databases. Various web marketing analyst job duties are given below.

Web Marketing Analyst Job Duties:

  • Web marketing analysts control and direct large scale global search programs with an international scope. Taking cues from online customer behavior, they predict sales trends and help the company devise marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • Web marketing analysts develop and put into practice online advertising, publicity strategies, analyzes website and search engine data under the supervision of the web marketing manager.

  • Web marketing analysts continuously keeps tabs on website traffic from various marketing sources and analyze the numbers, group customers into segments, locate visitor paths, track site visits and potential customers.

  • A web marketing analyst has the responsibility to execute testing, A/B or multivariate (figuring out trends and analyzing customer behavior). Based on these, they prepare reports and work towards the betterment of conversion rates.

  • A web marketing analyst controls and gets the most out of ecommerce marketing programs on a daily basis by testing promotional campaigns, product placement e-blurbs, landing pages and the complete ecommerce funnel.

  • Web marketing analysts help their company grow subsidiary marketing channels by building strong customer relationships, identifying prospective high growth clients and creating partnerships keeping long term profit as the main agenda.

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