Web Developer Job Duties

By | March 14, 2013

A web developer is responsible for building websites using their programming skills. They are required to create design and layout of the interface and interlinking the front end with the database structures. They develop web-based tools which are used in progressive online activism and community building.

They are required to maintain coordination with the design teams and make recommendations and guiding them to create a user friendly interface .Their works also involve projects such as application architecture and net development. They need to have strong analytical and logical sense.

They also need to have good communication skills as they need to communicate with their team members and also need to provide support to customers.

Web Developer Job Duties

  • Creating new layouts using provided design concepts and HTML and adding animations, drop downs, music in order make the program interactive and presentable.
  • Web developers need to develop secure, reliable and user friendly applications.
  • Web developers are responsible for maintaining existing sites and web applications and making necessary changes on a regular basis.
  • Web developers need to convert designs and layouts into CSS/XHTML themes.
  • Web developers need to test the web program before releasing it online.
  • Working with project managers and clients to build designs for websites.
  • Web developers need to give necessary training to the customers regarding the web based program.
  • Provide technical support to the users.
  • They are responsible for updating the company website and making sure that the website is secure and accessible.
  • Recommending changes to improve the application and keeping it updated.
  • Testing the web program from time to time.
  • They are responsible for arranging meetings with clients in order to discuss the project development.
  • They are responsible for taking customer feedbacks and handling customer complaints and resolving them.


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