Waitress Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Waitress Duties

A waitress is a lady who attends a table in a hotel or a restaurant and takes orders. She is a professional who takes orders of fooding from the customers and forwards them to the kitchen. She brings the prepared food and receives payments and forwards them to the cash manager. A waitress should have polite behavior and good communication skills. She should be polite and cordial to the customers as her appearance will affect a lot.

Waitress Job Duties

  • Collected payments and bills of the customers.
  • Served food, beverages according to their orders and ensured proper services to them.
  • Promoted new menu additions and reminded them of the specialties of the day.
  • Ensured proper service maintenance by the other fellow waiter and waitresses.
  • Prepared food preparation duties like preparing final garnishing of dishes, beverages etc.
  • Ensured tables managing and proper services
  • Handled customer visits and helped selecting dishes and special menus.
  • Evaluated pricing for the dishes and made suggestions.
  • Helped in increasing sales by promoting drinks, appetizers and salads.
  • Arranged the dining facilities and arrangements, cleaned the tables and dining arrangements.
  • Made corrections in case of wrong order supplies.

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