Vocational Counselor Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Vocational Counselor Job Duties include assisting their clients in choosing the right career path. He is required to help his clients find a good job as per their abilities. A Vocational Counselor is required to possess complete knowledge about different career options so that he is able to guide his clients properly.

Vocational Counselor Job Duties

  • Vocational Counselors are required to assist their clients in selecting the right career.
  • They are expected to have complete knowledge about various professional fields. This is essential as only if they have proper information about different fields would they be able to guide their clients appropriately.
  • They need to have a look at the educational qualification and work experience of their clients and study the various career opportunities that are open for them.
  • Vocational Counselors must also find out as to which field their clients are interested in and guide them about the options in that particular field.
  • They are required assess their client’s abilities and suggest them work based on it.
  • Vocational Counselors must also be updated with the latest market requirements and trends and assist their clients in getting into the right field.
  • They conduct interviews of their clients in order to know their skills better.
  • Vocational Counselors usually have contacts with different organizations and refer their clients to these places. They arrange for interviews.
  • They may even help their clients in preparing for the interview and provide them tips to succeed in the same.
  • Vocational Counselors are also required to maintain a record of the students they have counseled.

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