Video Editor Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Video Editor Job Duties include viewing the raw videos received from different sources and editing them appropriately. They are required to remove the unnecessary part from the video so that the actual message that it is required to convey comes across clearly. In order to get into this position one is required to attend a course in video editing and also undergo training for the same. Many companies offer some on the job training to these professionals while some prefer hiring professionals having a relevant work experience.

Video Editor Job Duties

  • Video Editor is required to go through the entire video recording received from the client. He may be required to see the video recording a couple of times before starting with the editing work.
  • Video Editor may be required to view more than one video and combine certain parts of these videos into one.
  • Video Editor is required to meet the clients and discuss their requirements.
  • Video Editor needs to give an estimate of the cost involved in editing the video requested by the client.
  • Video Editor may be required to negotiate the video editing rates with the clients.
  • Video Editor is required to synchronize the sound as per the video clip.
  • Video Editor is required to ensure that the sound recording is clear and that there is no unnecessary noise running in the background in the video clip.
  • Video Editor is required to maintain a record of the video editing tasks handled by him.
  • Video Editor is required to cut the files digitally and place it in the correct sequence.
  • Video Editor needs to store the edited videos on the computer and also take a back up of these files.
  • Video Editor needs to ensure that the video quality is good and that it runs smoothly.
  • Video Editor may be required to add additional graphical elements and sound effects to the video.

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