Veterinarian Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Veterinarian Duties

A veterinarian is a doctor – an animal doctor. He is the one who diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates animals which may be infected by diseases or illnesses. Not only do veterinarians work for the sick animals, they also work to keep animals and pets healthy and to prevent diseases as well. They can also do research and experiments to enhance the breed of animals or to stop and prevent animal diseases as possible.

Veterinarian Job Duties

  • Provides medical care to different type of animals, do proper vaccinations and perform surgery to the animals.
  • Inform and educate the owner of the animals’ health and nutrition needs.
  • Spay neuter pets and set broken bones of the sick animals.
  • Provides geriatric care for older animals, examine X-rays conducted.
  • Prescribed necessary medicines that is needed by the animals.
  • Give the needed medicine or the needed first aids to those animals that suffer a lot and become too weak because of some infections.
  • Give necessary seminars to the community in order to teach the proper handling and taking care of animals.
  • Prescribe medicines for the sick animals.
  • Diagnose and treat animal different diseases

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