VET Technician Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

VET Technician job duties include assisting the doctors in diagnosing the animal’s health problem and providing medication to the animals admitted for treatment. Apart from this, there are various other job duties that a VET Technician is required to handle; these are discussed below in detail. It is recommended to pursue a degree in veterinary technology if you are aiming to get into this position.

Most employers prefer candidates having some amount of relevant work experience. However some of them also hire fresher who have undergone a proper training program designed for VET Technicians.

VET Technician Job Duties

  • VET Technician is required to assist the veterinary doctors in examining the animals and diagnosing their problems.
  • VET Technician needs to follow the instructions given by the veterinary doctors.
  • VET Technician is required to provide the prescribed medication to the animals.
  • VET Technician needs to help the veterinary doctors in conducting treatments and curing the animals.
  • VET Technician is required to give injections to the animals under the supervision of the doctor.
  • VET Technician needs to monitor the animal’s health constantly and report the improvement or other developments in the animal’s health condition.
  • VET Technician is required to put the IV catheters appropriately.
  • VET Technician is required to draw blood from the animal’s body.
  • VET Technician needs to test the blood drawn from the animal’s body in the lab.
  • VET Technician is required to make the animal’s bath and keep them clean under proper hygienic conditions.
  • VET Technician needs to feed the animals; he must ensure that appropriate food item and quantity is being given to the animals.
  • VET Technician is required to administer the IV fluids.
  • VET Technician needs to take the animals from one ward to the other or to the operation theatre as per the doctor’s instructions.
  • VET Technician needs to give anesthesia to the animals and monitor their health for some time before they undergo a surgery.

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