Valet Driver Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Valet Driver job duties include driving the passengers within a location. These drivers are mostly hired by big restaurants, hotels and even at certain shopping malls for parking the cars of their guests. There is no special degree course that one needs to pursue in order to get into this position. One just requires a valid driving license and good driving skills in order to become a valet driver.

A candidate’s past driving record is also checked while assessing his driving abilities. A valet driver must be courteous and possess good communication skills as he is required to deal with elite customers.

Valet Driver Job Duties

  • Valet Driver is required to drive the vehicles of the guests arriving in hotels, restaurants, offices or other places to the parking zone.
  • Valet Driver needs to greet the guests with smile and help them in parking the car or driving them to a certain place within the location.
  • Valet Driver is required to use good driving skills while driving the guests’ vehicles.
  • Valet Driver is mostly required to work with wealthy customers and drive their expensive cars.
  • Valet Driver is mostly required to work at high-end restaurants or hotels.
  • Valet Driver needs to ensure that the security check of the vehicle is done appropriately by the guards before it is taken to the parking.
  • Valet Driver is required to ask the vehicle owners to take away their valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, watches, cards and other such things before handing the vehicle to them.
  • Valet Driver is required to see to it that the vehicle is parked safely.
  • Valet Driver needs to report to the vehicle owner about any problem that he encounters in the vehicle.
  • Valet Driver needs to ensure that the guests’ vehicle is not damaged even slightly due to his negligence. Such an issue can even cause him to lose his job.

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