University Relations Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

University Relations Manager Duties

The role of a University Relations Manager is to plan, implement and continuously make improvements in the University Relations program. He will have to assist with the strategic academic partnerships at various top tier universities. It is also important for a University Relations Manager to help in managing local college and university visits.

Job Duties of University Relations Manager

  • It is your main duty to establish the communication strategies as well as the recruitment activities to select intern and co-op hires around the year.
  • You will have to make complete plans with clearly defined goals and objectives, desired results, diversity plan, and schedule of events.
  • Become associated with university team to annually evaluate the performance of each target university in order to determine the effectiveness in general, review analyses with main stakeholders and utilize data and feedback to take long-term decision related to each school.
  • Arrange some on-campus events that incorporate an Info Session, executive visits, faculty visits tech talks, on-campus interviews with student organizations.
  • It will be your duty to expand, communicate, and execute university relations workshops for proper training providing recruiter interview guides and toolkits to ensure that the target school teams, campus recruiters, and presenters have the basic information and skills required to be effective.

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