Tutorial Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Tutorial Duties

A tutor is someone who works and teaches the way teachers and instructors do. The only difference is that, the tutorial is done besides the regular school or class hours. Tutorials are usually done on specific individual or group who might need special learning attention on a specific learning area or skill. Tutorials can be academic based but sometimes they can also be tutorials on curricular skills like music or arts.

Tutorial Job Duties

  • Build rapport with the student for him to know what strategy is effective to be use in teaching the student.
  • Make evaluation to the students’ progress in order to see where improvements can be made or if the student is improving.
  • Evaluate her teaching skills to make sure her student is improving and receiving enough attention.
  • Motivates student and provide the needed confidence to improve.
  • Help students to learn rapidly the subjects.
  • Teach student not only what to learn but also how to learn.
  • Provides students with study skills and good study habits
  • Present and give information in a way that the student can understand easily.
  • Help the student to have positive outlook in terms of studying lesson.
  • Communicating with the student well to know what specific lesson the student’s suffering difficulties.

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