Treasury Management Job Duties

By | April 4, 2013

The responsibility of a treasury manager is to make finance related decisions. They play a very vital role in a company’s business growth. They are responsible for cutting costs, managing transactions, plan investments, manage cash flows etc. They need to maintain relationships with brokers, traders, bank managers etc on the behalf of the company.

They are required to oversee financial operations like leasing finance, maintaining salary accounts of the employees, and deciding on the payment procedures. They should have commerce as their educational background and should be very strong in accounts and mathematics.

They need to have very good communication and organizational skills and should be very prompt in making decisions. They are also required to design a company’s growth plan and advising company authorities on financial matters.

Treasury Manager Job Duties

  • A treasury manager’s responsibility is to oversee the financial aspect of a company.
  • A treasury manager is responsible for evaluating the everyday cash position of the company and keeping a record of it.
  • A treasury manager is responsible for making decisions related to finance.
  • A treasury manager is also responsible for managing the bank account of a company and keeping a track of all transactions.
  • A treasury manager is responsible for storing all the cash receipts, invoices etc.
  • Treasury managers manage the salary account of employees; they are responsible for sanctioning travel expenses of the employees and paying them for other purposes.
  • Treasury managers are responsible for communicating with traders, accountants of other firms, bank managers, insurance agents etc.
  • Treasury managers are responsible for controlling the unnecessary expenses of the organization.
  • Treasury managers are responsible for designing the company’s growth plan for its success.
  • They are responsible for maintain liquidity, optimizing cash resources, establishing and maintain access to short- term & long-term investments.


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