Travel Rep Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A Travel Rep works in association with the travel agents or travel managers. His task involves assisting the clients before and during their holiday. A candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in order to get into this position. Those who have attended a course in Travel and Tourism certainly stand a better chance of grabbing this position.

Travel Rep Job Duties

  • A Travel Rep is expected to provide some introductory information about the travel destination to his clients. This is done to familiarize the clients with the place they are visiting.
  • He needs to inform the clients about the facilities they would be getting during their stay at the hotel and while on the move.
  • Travel Rep accompany their clients on the trips and act as a guide to help them enjoy better.
  • He assists in arranging for the accommodation by ensuring that the hotels booked are comfortable and safe.
  • He organizes welcome meetings for the clients on reaching the destination.
  • Travel Rep may even be required to complete the various written formalities for the trip.
  • He handles the client queries related to travelling and accommodation.
  • He is also required to resolve clients’ complaints if any, during his stay.
  • Travel Rep informs the clients in case there is a delay in flight or any other change in the travel plan.
  • He is required to maintain cordial relations with the hotel staff.
  • He must stay updated with the information related to any local events or activities at the travel destination
  • Travel Rep must have complete information about the various tourist attractions at different travel destination.

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