Travel Nurse Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

Travel nurses are those nurses who travel with the patients to different parts of the world. These types of nurse functions like any other nurse and take complete care of the patients for which they are appointed for.  A travel nurse takes up temporary positions at different places in a country usually for a period of minimum 3 months and a maximum of one year.

Travel Nurse Job Duties

  • A travel nurse must be able to perform all the duties of a usual licensed nurse. In addition to this she must be willing to travel and take up nursing jobs at different places as and when required.
  • A travel nurse must be able to assist the doctors in taking care of the patients. She should be ready with the patient’s reports and medicines at all times.
  • Attend the patients and provide them necessary medication.
  • Monitor and record the patient’s condition at regular intervals and inform the same to the doctors.
  • Set up drips; give injections and blood transfusions as and when required.
  • A travel nurse must be efficient in taking blood tests and carrying out various other tests efficiently.
  • Carry out routine check ups and investigations of the patients.
  • Be able to respond quickly to situations. Always be ready for emergency situations.
  • Plan discharges from the hospital.
  • Educate the patients about their health and encourage them to cope up with their illness.
  • Identify the patient’s requirements using good inter-personal skills and provide them what they require for their speedy recovery.
  • Maintain a clean and friendly environment so that the patients as well as their relatives feel at ease.

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