Travel Manager Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

Most of the big corporate companies have a separate travel department. A travel manager is appointed to manage the tasks of this department. His work basically involves arranging travel and accommodation for various office tours and making other necessary travel arrangements keeping in mind the employees’ comfort and the company’s budget.

Travel Manager Job Duties

  • To handle all the necessary travel related operations of a company.
  • Gather the details about the business trip in order to make the necessary travel arrangements.
  • Plan and schedule the official tours of the company as per the given dates.
  • Book the bus/train or air tickets well in time.
  • Look for the best accommodation option as per the company’s budget and also keeping in mind the comfort of the employees and finally book it.
  • Also find out weather the tour involves any business meetings; if it does than reserve a conference hall.
  • Make necessary restaurant reservations if the clients are to be taken out for lunch or dinner.
  • Manage the staff under travel department. Fulfill their work related requirements.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the travel industry and read about the various happenings in this industry to stay updated so as to perform the travel related tasks easily.
  • At times, mainly in the cases where an employee is traveling to a place for the first time or going abroad, the travel manager also acts as a guide for him. The employees seek all the essential information as well as take advice for their stay at that place.

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