Travel Executive Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Travel Executives basically assist the travellers with various travel requirements. They make travel as well as accommodation arrangements for their clients. In order to become a Travel Executive, one needs to have a degree or Diploma in Travel and Tourism. One must also possess good communication skills as these are required to deal with the customers.

Travel Executive Job Duties

  • A Travel Executive provides complete travel related information to his customers. This may include information related to the place his customer is planning to visit such as the place’s weather condition, tourist attractions, recreational activities, etc.
  • He is required to discuss and understand the customer’s travel requirements and plan the trip accordingly.

  • It is also essential for a Travel Executive to understand the customer’s budget and make all arrangements as per the set budget.

  • A Travel Executive may suggest some good tour package to the client; a package that fits well as per the client’s budget and requirement.

  • He must provide all the details of the of the tour package to the client before selling him the package.

  • A Travel Executive’s job duty involves calculating the transportation and accommodation cost and communicating the same to the customer.

  • He is required to make the travel and accommodation arrangements for the clients.

  • A Travel Executive offers travel tips to the clients so that they are able to travel without any difficulty.

  • He must maintain cordial relations with the hotel and restaurant staff at different tourist locations so that the accommodation arrangements can be done easily.

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