Travel Editor Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A travel editor like any other editor must have a good command over the language which he intends to edit. He must be thorough with the grammar part. In addition to this a travel editor must also possess good knowledge about different places and must be willing to travel far and wide for his projects as and when required.

Travel Editor Job Duties

  • Read a lot about different places so as to be ready to edit write-ups related to different destinations. It is good to gather as much information as possible.

  • Travel to different places if need arises. Travelling is involved so that the person gathers enough information about that place before writing or editing information about it.

  • Address various issues from around the world by presenting them in their piece of writing or editing the already written piece in such a way that the important issues get highlighted.

  • Work on the travel sections of newspapers, magazines or various websites. Edit all the irrelevant information and also remove the article from any kind of grammatical error.

  • Update himself/ herself with the latest information about various places so that it is easier to edit articles related to different travel destinations.

  • Re-write those sections that require a major editing.

  • Edit the formatting of the write-up if it is incorrect as per the subject and the requirement of the client.

  • Go through the entire piece of writing and see to it that there are no spelling errors.

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