Travel Director Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A travel director is usually an owner of a travel agency and is expected to plan a trip for his clients and may also accompany them on the trip. He must have the ability to actively engage his clients and he must also entertain them by taking them to the various famous spots for sight seeing and the places of their interest.

Travel Director Job Duties

  • A travel director must be able to address and manage all the travel related issues of the clients
  • He/ She must be able to plan a trip well as per the client’s budget and requirement
  • He must guide the clients at the beginning i.e., while planning for the trip and then throughout the trip.
  • He should not hesitate travelling far from home for long periods of time in order to serve his clients
  • He must be efficient in handling various situations that may occur during the trip.
  • He must be confident enough to handle the emergency situations on the trip efficiently and act as a support to the clients
  • A travel director must be able to read, understand and follow maps
  • He must confirm the hotel reservations and escort the clients to the hotel
  • He must arrange for the local transport at the holiday destination
  • He is responsible for arranging trip itinerary and explain the same to the clients
  • He must work with enthusiasm and always be ready to entertain the clients
  • He should research and write about the trip so as to maintain a record

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