Travel Counselor Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Travel Counselor Duties

The job duty of a travel counselor is to take all responsibilities of travelling when a passenger or a group is planning to go out for a trip. His basic duty is to assist the passengers to book airlines, hotel or car hire reservations. He is expected to be a single window travel solution to all the passengers who will come to him for reservation.

Job Duties of a Travel Counselor

  • The most important job duty of a travel counselor is to take care of all aspects of travel when a passenger has approached him to take some travel advise and reservation help.
  • It is his duty to take care of travel like air ticket, accommodation, car hire, insurance, visas, etc.
  • He is also expected to advise the client on respective airline or hotel or car rules, regulations and cancellation policies. This will help the clients to take decisions quite fast and the correct route of travel.
  • He is needed to process both the domestic and international packages as and when required by the client and provided by the company.
  • One of his important job duties is to remain updated on all aspects of domestic travel including regular attendance at product launches, fare updates and all job related training.

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