Travel Coordinator Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A travel coordinator may be self employed or might even work as an employee at a travel agency, roadways, airline or shipping line. They plan business trips for professionals as well as holidays for families. It is recommended to do a course in travel and tourism if you intend to become a travel coordinator.

Travel Coordinator Job Duties

  • Work for travel providers for managing their travel related needs.
  • Look for cost effective yet good travel deals so that the trip falls under the set budget and is convenient at the same time.
  • Build and maintain good relations with some carriers and maintain corporate discount agreements with them.
  • Understand the travel needs of the traveler and work in accordance with their requirements.
  • Make arrangements for traveling to the other place such as booking bus/ train or air tickets. Also make arrangements for the daily transportation there.
  • Arrange for accommodation including hotel or resort booking and also book conference halls if meetings have been scheduled during the trip.
  • Make travel arrangements and explain all the details about the trip to the travelers so that they do not face any difficulty during their trip.
  • They are also expected to prepare reports on the company‚Äôs travel activities on a regular basis and share them with the senior officials.
  • Certain companies prefer using the travel credit cards. The travel coordinators in such companies are expected to purchase and distribute these cards to the employees. They also need to maintain these cards.
  • Prepare travel kits for the new employees and distribute them amongst them.

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