Travel Clerk Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

The work of a travel clerk is to provide travel related information to his/ her customers and also make necessary travel arrangements for them. A travel clerk must possess proper information regarding travel and tourism. A degree in the same is appreciated if you intend to get into this profile.

Travel Clerk Job Duties

  • The job duties of a travel clerk involve providing travel related information and clarify the travel related doubts to his clients.
  • Contact individuals as well as firms in order to give them information about the various tour packages being offered by him or his travel agency.
  • Give travel related suggestions and advice to his clients.
  • Read brochures and travel books offering information regarding trips and events at various places so as to provide complete and appropriate information to the clients.
  • Provide information regarding the travel routes, time schedules, available accommodation options and modes of travelling to the customers.
  • Understand the customer’s requirements and budget and work in accordance to it.
  • Book train/air tickets for the customer and provide a copy of the same to the customers.
  • Reserve the best available hotel/ resort as per the customer’s budget. It is essential for a travel clerk to have a thorough knowledge about all the available options so as to provide the best deal to the client.
  • Look for the arrival and departure times and convey the same to the customers.
  • Make arrangements for the baggage handling and other related services as requested by the client.
  • A travel clerk may also arrange for visa and other documents essential for a person travelling abroad.

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