Travel Assistant Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A travel assistant is expected to make all the travel related arrangements for his clients. He must have an in-depth knowledge about planning and arranging trips. It is recommended to get a bachelor’s degree in tourism and travel if you intend to get into this field. Travel assistant’s personal interest in this field is an added advantage.

Travel Assistant Job Duties

  • A person hires a travel assistant so as to save time as well as money. Thus a travel assistant’s first and foremost duty is to understand his client’s budget and requirements and than begin the work.
  • If a client does not have a set destination in mind then it is the duty of the travel assistant to inform him about the various destinations that may fall under his budget

  • Clarify any travel related doubt or query of the customer and help him find the best possible deal

  • Give details about the various travel packages offered by his agency Read about a number of destinations, look for information on them on the internet and travel books, if possible visit them to gather information on them so that t the clients can be given proper information about the places.
  • Enquire as to how the client would like to travel to his desired destination and arrange for the travel tickets accordingly.
  • Keeps a database of all the good hotels and restaurants offering rooms of different range. Select the one that suits the client’s needs and budget and book it.

  • Make sure that the client’s details remain confidential.

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