Travel Agent Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A travel agent’s job is to assess the travel requirements of individuals and make travel arrangements for them. Travel arrangements include various things such as planning the trip, booking transportation, accommodation, etc. It is recommended to pursue a course in travel and tourism if you aspire to become a travel agent.

Travel Agent’s Job Duties

  • Provide complete information about the customer’s desired destination. For instance information related to that place’s weather condition, main tourist spots, recreational activities, restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • Discuss about the customer’s travel requirements and budget.
  • Calculate the total cost of transportation, accommodation and other services and communicate the same to the customer or tell the customer about their package tour’s cost.
  • Collect money from the customers in order to arrange for transportation and accommodation.
  • Look for the best possible deals as per the customer’s budget and arrange for transportation and make hotel reservations online or via telephone.
  • Prepare, describe and vend itinerary tour packages to the customers.
  • Provide brochures that include travel information. These may have information about the local traditions and interests about the people of that place.
  • A travel agent is also expected to provide travel tips to the customers. Travel tips are helpful especially if a person is travelling to that particular destination for the first time.
  • Visit hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc in order to find out about the quality of living that is being offered there. It is important for them to know about the hotels and restaurants before committing anything to the customers.
  • Provide a printed copy of the ticket to the customer.

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