Travel Agency Manager Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Travel Agency Managers mostly work at retail travel outlets that offer holiday packages and other travel products. They are required to oversee the activities of travel agents and other staff working under them. It is essential to have a degree in travel and tourism and a relevant experience in order to seek this position.

Travel Agency Manager Job Duties

  • Travel Agency Managers are required to oversee the various tasks being handled by the travel department staff.
  • They are required to plan and implement new strategies that are helpful in promoting the business of the travel agency.
  • They are required to assist the customers in booking their travel tickets.
  • They need to arrange accommodation for the clients at the best possible hotel/ lodge/ resort, keeping in mind their budget and other requirements.
  • Travel Agency Managers plan and design new travel packages to suit various categories of people.
  • They supervise the travel agency staff in handling various tasks and guide them to provide complete customer satisfaction.
  • Travel Agency Managers maintain agency’s financial records and budget reports.
  • They are required to market and sell travel products and tour packages designed by the travel agency.
  • Travel Agency Managers coordinate with the travel partners such as hotels and airlines in order to arrange the travel and accommodation for their clients.
  • They must be ready to help the customers in case they have any travel related issues before or during the trip. Travel Agency Managers also provide travel tips to their customers.
  • They need to keep their travel agency team motivated for bring new business.

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