Transportation Inspector Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Transportation Inspectors are required to inspect transportation equipments and processes in order to make sure that the planes, railroads and public transportation systems are safe enough to travel. They work in accordance with the state’s safety and security regulations. Transportation Inspectors are divided into three broad categories: Aviation Inspectors, Public Transportation Inspectors and Railroad Inspectors.

Transportation Inspector Job Duties

  • Transportation inspectors are basically involved in examining the transportation processes and equipments.
  • Transportation inspector’s duty is to make sure that the travellers stay safe and secure during their journey.
  • They need to abide by the safety rules and regulations set by the state and manage their tasks accordingly.
  • The Transportation inspectors involved in Aviation are required to examine the aircraft. They are also required to control the air traffic.
  • The Transportation inspectors involved in Aviation also need to inspect the maintenance procedures, air navigational aids and the equipments used for communication.
  • The Transportation inspectors who take care of the public transportation examine the way the public transportation systems operate and see to it that they follow regulations set by the state.
  • The Transportation inspectors managing the public transportation also study the accident reports to look for the possible causes of those mishaps in order to avoid such situations in future.
  • Transportation inspectors overseeing the railroad transportation examine the railroad equipments. They also keep a check on the tracks and roadbeds and ensure that these are repaired or replaced as and when required.
  • They also inspect and examine the repair works done on the rail and road routes.


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