Transportation Engineer Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Transportation Engineer Duties

The role of a Transportation Engineer is to design plans for surface transportation development as per the established engineering standards. Make sure than your planning doesn’t violate the Country’s construction policies. In this position you will have to develop plans, make estimation and specifications in order to design transportation facilities.

Job Duties of Transportation Engineer

  • Your job responsibilities include making proper planning for alterations and modifications of the existing roads, highways, and freeways for the improvement of traffic flow.
  • You should prepare deeds, descriptions of the property along with right-of-way maps.
  • Since you are the Transportation Engineer, hence it will be your job to perform field engineering calculations to recompense change orders and contract estimates.
  • Preparing and demonstrating public reports on environmental analysis statements including other transportation information also fall under our job duties.
  • You should focus on any particular phase of work, like making surveys, upgrading signs or lighting, preparing plans, or directing and systematizing construction or maintenance activities.
  • Focus on the vehicular and pedestrian traffic conditions
  • You can also prepare, and direct the work plan in transportation assessment to plan surface systems.


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