Transportation Dispatcher Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Transportation Dispatchers are required to communicate with the drivers constantly in order to carry out the transportation movements smoothly. They keep in touch with the drivers via phones, computers and two-way radios. They assist in the smooth functioning of the transport industry. A person must hold at least a High School Diploma or its equivalent in order to get into this profession.

Transportation Dispatcher Job Duties

  • A Transportation Dispatcher needs to co-ordinate the transportation movements on the terminal entrance.
  • He must keep a track of the driver’s position while he is driving to his set destination.
  • He must use the control boards to follow the driver’s route. A Transportation Dispatcher may take help from the company office for this purpose.
  • A Transportation Dispatcher must keep a track of the driver’s starting and departure time.
  • He must maintain the company’s files by adding relevant data about the driver’s timings, his routes and other relevant details.
  • He is required to interact with the drivers regularly.
  • A Transportation Dispatcher’s work involves dealing with the drivers on regular basis.
  • He needs to figure out if the drivers are facing any problems while on the route.
  • He must also see to it that if a driver is facing any issue then it should be solved immediately.
  • He also needs to speak to the customers and solve their issues.
  • He is required to work in hectic schedules; may have to work in the night shifts and even on weekends and holidays.
  • A Transportation Dispatcher must maintain cordial relations with the drivers.

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