Transportation Director Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A Transportation Director’s work includes developing job details for the transportation staff and looking after the functioning of the overall department. He also figures out the requirement for transportation personnel and is involved in hiring them. One must be a post graduate and hold a good experience in the transportation field in order to become a Transportation Director. It is also essential to have good interpersonal skills if you are aiming for this position.

Transportation Director Job Duties

  • A Transportation Director’s job profile involves handling and directing the transportation personnel.
  • He is required to assess the transportation requirements of the company he is working for and set a budget for all the transportation activities. He must develop plans for proper management of the transportation capital.
  • A Transportation Director’s must adopt cost-effective practices for the transportation activities.
  • A Transportation Director is required to oversee that the transportation records are maintained. He may also set some system for maintaining these records regularly.
  • He is required to oversee the transportation reports prepared by the transportation staff.
  • He must keep a check on the efficiency of the transportation systems and processes.
  • A Transportation Director plans and designs transportation processes to ensure the traveller’s safety and security.
  • He ensures the smooth functioning of various activities of the transportation department and in case any dispute arises, he is required to resolve it.
  • He assesses the driving skills of new as well as experienced drivers.
  • He needs to see to it that the vehicles are maintained well and are in good working condition to ensure the safety of the travellers.
  • He is also involved in training, supervising and counselling the transportation staff.

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