Transportation Coordinator Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Transportation Coordinators are required to manage the routine transportation activities such as arranging various transportation vehicles including buses, trucks, cars, vans, etc. In order to become a Transportation Coordinator one needs to have a High School Diploma or its equivalent. Employers prefer giving this position to those who have a thorough knowledge of various routes or a prior work experience in the same field.

Transportation Coordinator Job Duties

  • A Transportation Coordinator assists in carrying out various routine transportation activities.
  • Is work involves sending the desired amount of goods and maintaining a record of the items missing during the transportation.
  • He assists in loading and unloading the items that need to be transported.
  • He is required to maintain a record of the items transported from one place to the other.
  • A Transportation Coordinator needs to maintain a report in which the delivery time is specified. Also, if there is any delay in delivering the items then he must mention the reason for the same.
  • He needs to provide status about the vehicle’s condition to the transport company.
  • He also supervises his subordinates on handling various transportation.
  • He acts as a liaison between the clients and the transport company to ensure smooth functioning of the work.
  • A Transportation Coordinator sees to it that the employees are assisted in case there is any injury during the journey.
  • He needs to handle the assigned tasks efficiently and ensure timely completion.
  • He must possess good communication skills and maintain good coordination to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • He must communicate efficiently so as to coordinate the transportation work smoothly.

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