Transportation Clerk Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Transportation Clerk Duties

Transportation Clerks are non-supervisory staff to perform clerical and administrative support functions under the supervision and control of Transportation Manager/Executives in any transport organization. They take instruction from their reporting supervisors and execute the same. Their responsibilities may range from recording check-in and check-out of drivers, conductors/cleaners, godown labourers, reporting their absence and other irregularities to the seniors for initiating further actions, perform booking and delivery of consignments and collecting payment for the same and such other duties which may be prescribed from time to time. They also take care of opening and closing the office, cleaning the premises and ensure to maintain the office decorum.

Job Duties of Transportation Clerks

  • Perform every clerical and administrative job functions under the direction and supervision of transportation supervisor/manager;
  • Reporting absence from duty of drivers, conductors, cleaners;
  • Accept booking of consignment after ensuring they are not contraband or illegal goods, weigh, calculate freight and collect correct tariffs from the consignors besides consignees in case of delivery of goods;
  • Directing the laborers for loading and unloading of consignments, goods into and from the fleets;
  • Keep a track on and due dates for renewal of licenses, permits, etc. and report to supervisor/manager for further action;
  • Account for all consignments received and dispatched, cash received from consignors and consignees, checking special contracts with any special/large organization and raise bills for total consignments transported for freight and other charges.
  • Anticipate, probe to troubleshoot any problem in case of deliveries and plan suitably for execution of cost-effective and legal solutions
  • To maintain cleanliness in the office and godown, arrange for repair of electrical items like fan, light etc. and perfect office decorum for other staff to work efficiently;
  • Establish rapport with clients for sustained business relationship.

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