Transport Engineer Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Transport Engineer Duties

Transport engineer is a person who applies scientific principles and tools into creating and developing the transportation system. They create designs and policies to create new models to minimize the traffic and make transportation much at ease. The transport engineer is more engaged in reforming the public passenger transport field due to its high use and demand for more lanes and facilities.

Transport engineering, as a part of civil engineering involves planning, designing, construction and maintenance of transportation facilities.

Transport Engineer Duties

  • Formulated plans for developing highways and cross lanes flyovers.
  • Supervised repairing and maintenance of the roadways in the region.
  • Formulated blueprints for creating effective driveways.
  • Supervised traffic and transportation patterns.
  • Introduced effective traffic management policies and strategies to the traffic management system.
  • Supervised fellow engineers and workers in project plans.
  • Formulated project policies and reports and forwarded them to the administration and government services for their approval of implementation.
  • Prepared cost estimates for different highway construction projects.
  • Surveyed construction sites and made inspection.
  • Carried out analysis of transport systems and made developments accordingly.
  • Ensured safety guidelines are maintained by both commuters and pedestrians.
  • Ensured traffic problem free construction lanes by developing multiple lane driveways.
  • Prepared design details, drawings and details.
  • Conducted traffic analysis and try to solve the conditions which cause heavy traffic during peak hours.
  • Conducted inspection of flyovers and highway fliers in the main city.

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