Train Driver Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

The responsibility of a Train Driver is to drive the train and take the passengers safely to their desired destination. A train driver must be highly professional and skilled in his task. In order to become a train driver one needs to possess the license to drive this vehicle. He is required to work in different shifts.

Train Driver Duties

  • The main task of a Train Driver is to drive the train safely and drop the passengers to their desired destination.
  • They need to work in accordance with the set norms.
  • The task of a train driver involves working all alone for long periods. It is essential for a Train Driver to handle such a situation and not get stressed out while driving and covering long distances.
  • They need to have complete knowledge and understanding about the routes to be followed. Train Drivers must possess a good memory to learn and remember the routes.
  • There are changes in train tracks at times due to some breakage in the plates or any other reason. A Train Driver must concentrate on his path and be able to take quick decisions in case he comes across any such changes.
  • They must be able to take the decisions calmly and correctly.
  • They must be able to take instructions and follow them. A Train Driver must also be efficient enough to work without any guidance.
  • Train Drivers need to attend the briefings given to them regarding any changes in the routes or delay in arrival or departure timings due to bad weather conditions or any other reason.

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