Train Dispatcher Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A Train Dispatcher’s work involves monitoring, controlling and instructing the train movements. He is required to address issues related to the arrival and departure of the trains. A Bachelor’s degree in transportation or related field is required to get into this position. Candidates having a practical experience in the transportation field are given preference.

Train Dispatcher Job Duties

  • A Train Dispatcher is required to observe and control the movement of trains.
  • He needs to give instructions on the movement of the trains.
  • He is required to maintain a record of the train travels.
  • A Train Dispatcher is required to advise the workers about traffic problems. They discuss problems due to accidents, bad weather conditions and other traffic issues and suggest ways to deal with these issues.
  • He needs to supervise the staff on handling issues related to train equipments such as the maintenance and working of these equipments.
  • His task involves figuring out the requirement for more transportation personnel and equipments.
  • He needs to have good communication skills as the job demands communicating with other transportation staff to coordinate the train transportation service.
  • A Train Dispatcher provides work orders and other information to the work crews via telephone or by using two-way radios.
  • He needs to see if any repair work is required and address it timely.
  • He must see to it that the trains move on time and that there is no delay in the arrival and departure time.
  • A Train Dispatcher is required to work in hectic schedules and address issues on time.
  • He needs to ensure the safety of the passengers as well as cargo.

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