Train Conductor Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Train Conductors are involved in coordinating and helping the train crew. With the help of a Train Conductor, the tasks of the train crew run smoothly. They usually work in different shifts including the night shifts and carry out the various tasks assigned to them. Train conductors are expected to possess good communication skills to assist the passengers as well as the train staff.

Train Conductor Duties

  • Train conductors need to ensure cleanliness in the train. They take a round of the entire train before the train moves towards its destination and check that the carriages are clean and tidy.
  • It is their task to ensure that the train equipments, doors, windows, etc are working fine.
  • They ensure safety and security of the passengers while they are travelling.
  • They coordinate with their fellow train conductors to carry out their tasks smoothly and efficiently.
  • Their job duties involve moving through the train carriages and checking the passengers’ travel tickets and other documents.
  • Train conductors are required to address the passengers’ queries such as arrival times, delay in departure, halt at a particular station, routes, etc.
  • They need to make announcements via the public address system.
  • Train conductors need to act quickly and wisely in case of emergency such as a passenger falling ill. The train conductors are expected to lend a helping hand during such situations.
  • Train Conductors prepare reports about the delay in departure and arrival timings and any incident that may take place during the journey.
  • They need to work in different shifts including the night shift.

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