Traffic Manager Job Duties

By | October 10, 2013

A traffic manager is one who handles the allocation of workload to employees, based on their skill set and performance. Traffic manager job duties will be, to manage the work flow, delegate work according to the schedule and skill set, identify tasks from various processes and allocate them to suitable staff based on their availability. Given below are some of the duties fulfilled by a traffic manager.

Traffic Manager Job Duties

  • Get work from the clients, analyze the workload and plan the work schedules with respect to the client requirements.
  • Allocate task to suitable resource, by understanding the difficulty level and time consumption of the task.
  • Prepare work load planning document and send it across to all the employees to inform them about the scheduled delivery date.
  • Follow up with the concerned in-charge regarding the completion status of the tasks and plan the next set of projects.
  • Involve team members while creating the planner and get their inputs for improving overall efficiencies. In this process, identify the gaps.
  • Organize regular status update meetings, and identify problems if there is a delay and address the problems accordingly.
  • Communicating the client well in advance about the expected delay and get the work load rescheduled.
  • Have track of the work load, and projects that have been submitted and coordinate with the accounts department to ensure correct payment and transactions.
  • Discuss with the client about the payment terms and provide them weekly status report.
  • Have to present to the clients, highlighting the completed projects, for business development.
  • Ensuring and educating the employees on time sheet completions, status report generations, and track sheet completion.
  • Come out with better process to improve the quality of output, reduce the re-work and time consumption.
  • Organize time management, and creative trainings to improve overall efficiency of the employees.

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