Traffic Enforcer Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Traffic Enforcer Duties

A traffic enforcer is part of the police system whose main job is to direct and clear traffic and maintain good road situation favorable to commuters, drivers and pedestrians.

They should have good knowledge of traffic safety and rules and can act intelligently in cases of traffic emergencies. Aside from traffic, he should also help and solve other police emergencies as they happen on the streets like highway hold-up and pick-pocketing.

Traffic Enforcer Job Duties

  • Plant and implement effective transportation, choosing the best route as much as possible.
  • Enforce and implement the traffic laws especially against dangerous driving, over speeding, drunken driving, driving without helmet, smoke emission and others.
  • Have the right to give discipline to those reckless drivers.
  • Relay the necessary information to the people with regards to the traffics rules and regulation.
  • Issuance of traffic ticket if necessary to those violators of traffic.
  • Ensure to have a safety at all times and monitor smooth traffic flows.
  • Perform the right investigation for some traffic violations and related crimes as well.
  • Available to respond immediately during emergencies and call needed assistant.

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