Traffic Coordinator Job Duties

By | October 9, 2013

Traffic coordinator job duties involve updating the records, status reports, creating and maintaining status reports etc. This will help the employee, to get involved in talent and resource management skills. A traffic coordinator should possess a bachelor’s degree in any stream or business administration degree.

The traffic coordinator is also required to do administration activities, like raising an invoice for the work that is done, maintaining the account details, and coordinating with other departments to complete the task.

Traffic Coordinator Job Duties

  • Will coordinate with clients, and manage the workload, ensuring on time delivery.
  • Maintain documents and records of the completed task, and generate the monthly workload report.
  • For every new project, have to discuss with the team, come up with an execution plan, schedule and resource allocation.
  • Follow up with the team members regarding the execution of work, and make sure there is no slippage.
  • Should make right decisions at various phases of the project, when it comes to workload management.
  • Have to identify the training needs, and arrange for proper training. Ensure that right choice of resource is made for all the training sessions, based on their skill set.
  • Proactively update the supervisor on slippages or any delay that can be predicted, well ahead of the scheduled delivery.
  • Educate the team on client information confidentiality and company’s integrity policies, and check if they adhere with the rules.
  • Prioritize the work independently and manage resources even at the time of sudden emergencies.
  • Manage the time sheet of employees, and register the effort of every team member. Maintain these data, and analyze them on regular basis, to check if the efforts are brought into client’s visibility and en-cashed.
  • Generate the report which will have actual efforts and estimated efforts. Compare and find out reasons if both differ.
  • Identify the area that needs to be focused and escalate to higher management or come up with better solutions

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