Trade Importer Job Duties

By | November 2, 2012

As an import export manager you would have to make arrangements for the different operations including import and export and you would also have to oversee the delivery of the given goods. In fact these managers are intermediaries for the customers importing or exporting from different regions.

Duties and responsibilities

These people have to handle the planning of the routes and deciding the means of transportation. This means that they have to research the best means of transportation, the best routes and to find out whether there are any special requirements regarding the handling of the goods.

Another duty of the manager is to ensure that the goods are properly packaged and he has to negotiate the handling and the transportation. He or she has to offer help with documentary collections. These documents have to meet the requirements of the national customs and other authorities.

The manager has to know about the requirements of the customers and has to make sure that the goods are delivered accordingly. One of the most important responsibilities of the manager is to ensure that the deadlines are met.

Working conditions

The downside of the job is that you have to work at odd hours. Some of the companies are working 24/7. This means that the manager can be called at any time to go to work. Usually the managers work in an office that is located close to an airport, railways or ports.


In order to become and import export manager you must have a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business administration, political science, business management, international relations or any related field. If you have postgraduate qualification as well, you will have higher chances of getting a job of this kind.


The truth is that the salary of the manager depends on his or her education and experience.  If you happen to have a bachelor’s diploma or degree, you can earn $27,000-$30,000. If you have higher qualifications and a lot of experience, it is possible that you will earn about $100,000 per year.


Based on the past experience, the job has a bright outlook. It looks like the opportunities will grow. Naturally it all depends on the economic health of the industries that are connected to importing and exporting. The outlook is also bright for the independent managers. These people are handling imports and exports without being affiliated with a given company.

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