Tour Managers Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Tour Managers Duties

It is the job duty of the tour managers to organize and accompany a group of travelers to the destination and supervise their stay over there, so that they do not face any problems. Their basic duty is to ensure travel arrangements for the holiday makers and make their stay as comfortable as possible from the beginning till the end. Tour managers sometimes get involved in planning tour schedules when the booking phase goes on.

Job Description of Tour Managers

  • He will have to develop domestic and international packages by visiting the destinations and suggesting interesting travel routes or places of interest.
  • Accordingly, he will have to suggest and design flexible tour packages to meet the needs of different clients.
  • He will have to explore and identify new business prospects in a rapidly changing competitive industry.
  • He will be responsible to accompany groups travelling by train, though on specialist tours travel may be conducted by car, mini-bus, boat or plane.
  • In this job position he will have to welcome groups of holiday makers at their beginning and announce details of travel planning and stop-over points.
  • He should check the tickets and other important documents, seat allotment and any special necessities.

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